Is this a golden moment in time?

So, you have been given a rare gift.

The gift of time.

The most important currency in the world. It never de-values. Taking the time to say a kind word to a stranger, or to help someone in need. It is a currency that can double your sense of accomplishment and happiness and help you to flourish in hard times.

Never before in the history of the world has everyone in every nation been told to take a world wide “time out”, take a breath and evaluate what is important. The constant environment decay threat has paused and in some areas is recovering well. Families are reconnecting, lives are being enriched and we each now have more power in our hands to mold the direction of our future lives than ever before.

You have a chance to do, make, create, expand, learn, enjoy whatever your heart desires.

Despite the obvious down side of things presently, it is also a Golden Time. Will you spend it wisely or throw it away feeling sorry for yourself, afraid, stressed and overwhelmed and constantly having a negative mindset?

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Will you spend your gift wisely investing in a better future for yourself and your family? You have time to think about this now…

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