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Cell Phone addiction

Is it getting harder to retain your focus?

Today’s fast-paced world is changing rapidly. It is one of endless soundbites and constant information overload and demands for your attention that can create an inability to focus.

It can be difficult to navigate this changing world successfully. Like you, people are experiencing more anxiety, fatigue, stress, overwhelm, and increased dissatisfaction in their work and life balance than ever before.

Sometimes it is difficult to spot where your stress is coming from and how to focus and decrease its effects. Did you know that every hour of planning ahead saves you three to four hours of wasted unproductive time searching for the information you need?   You will need some new tools to help you navigate and recognize where your stress is coming from and how to use the tools to control it. You can find some of these new tools   in my book “Getting Out From Under, How to Break Free From Stress And Overwhelm To Get The Life You Have Always Wanted” on Amazon. Your other option is for you to email me at for a confidential no charge twenty-minute coaching phone call to help clarify what your particular concerns are.

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